Tuesday, October 30, 2001

[..:: Philosophy ::..]


Is company sought for the pleasure found in others,
or the pleasure found in ones self in the company of others?

Finding pleasure in ones self without finding pleasure in company
is, in the eyes of others "anti-social", and lacking "having a life".

Finding pleasure in others without finding pleasure in ones self
is, in the eyes of others "being needy" and "boring".

Where then does finding pleasure in ones self in the company of
plesant others fit in?
Is this good or is it being dependant and forming attachments?

Or perhaps..

One member receives and gives pleasure from receiving,
the other gives and receives pleasure from giving.

To gain pleasure from giving one must be pleasantly received,
to gain pleasure from receiving one must find what is given pleasant.

However receiving something that a person finds pleasant to give,
before it is given is also pleasant - but less common.

In the company of others what then is given and what received?

Do you give or receive company?

This ones a tricky one :)
** Work in progress ***

Monday, October 29, 2001

[..:: Philosophy ::..]

Living for the moment
What is a moment?

A moment exists of itself.
A moment exists as an extension of the past.
A moment exists as the beggining of the future.

The future cannot be changed, but the present can steer you in different directions.
The past cannot be changed, only viewed in the present with a different understanding.

Are those "living for the now" actually living for the past, unsure of making the neccesary
changes in the present to ensure that the future naturaly progresses from their past?
Their perception of the moment is built on their past, but the moment is spent reliving/forgetting
the past.

Infinite loop.

Their futures become nothing more than reflections of the moments they had in their past.

A single brick placed on top of itself many times does not build a house.
You may become a very adept brick layer - but you will never build the house.

Is it not better to allow the past to guide your moment in a natural progression towards the
Allow the moment to add to the accumulation of the past, which in your future becomes your
past, which will then in turn determine the moment.

Perpetual motion.

Given these definitions, what then may be considered healthy and what unhealthy?
Repetition or extension.
Growth or stagnation.
Expansion or stasis.

Living in a moment that exists by itself
living in a moment that is in a flowing continuum.

A moment that exists by itself must pass into the past,
a moment that flows from the past into the future exists always.

The boat drifts down the river free of resistence knowing that all rivers and
streams eventually flow into the ocean.
To hold itself to the side of the bank is unnatural and only causes
resistence to build up behind it - while endless moments flow on past.

Friday, October 26, 2001

[..:: Lyrics ::..]

Svijar, sviraj, srce moje sviraj se
Nimam, niman zivot ako nimam te

-- Sviraj (Lullabye)

Thursday, October 25, 2001

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[..:: Philosophy ::..]

An answer exists within the context of a question.
A question exists in the desire for an answer.
Both create rigid positions in the mind.
Questions that exist in the context of other
questions are indeed answers.

[..:: Productive ::..]

Well i did in fact do some study today.
Unfortunantly my mind is not capable of absorbing large amounts
of data when it is half asleep - which means ill have to change
my study habits.
I may be able to work on assignments until 3am,
but that doesnt quite work when you need to pour large
amounts of information into a receptive mind :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2001

[..:: Productivity ::..]

Things i could have done today:
  1. ITB257 Study
  2. ITB310 Study

Things i did today:
  1. Bought and watched collection 3 of Martian Succesor Nadesico DVD(this show is great)
  2. Established this web log :)
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